A few of our favourite local activities….


We are just a 15 minute drive away from the stunning Rosemarkie beach. It’s super clean and calm and often warmer than surrounding areas due to it’s position and being in a sheltered bay.



It’s possible to see the famous Moray Firth dolphins from Rosemarkie, but a far better place is Chanonry Point, a 5 minute drive or a lovely 20 minute walk from the beach. Chanonry Point is said to be the best place on the mainland in Scotland to view the dolphins. If you choose to you can also go on a boat trip from Cromarty or Inverness to try and see them but the beach is free! Go prepared, take a picnic and be patient!
Credit to Charlie Phillips Images for this amazing shot of Bonnie and her calf in perfect unison. Charlie is a local wildlife photographer and you may well see him knee deep in the water photographing the dolphins from the beach.

We are 25 minutes by car from Inverness airport and 15 minutes by car from Inverness.








We have numerous amazing pubs and restaurants locally. None walkable unfortunately but lots of choice within a 10 minute drive and several on the Black Isle.